Hidden Spring Vineyard is a 23 acre small-holding in Horam, just outside Heathfield, in the heart of East Sussex. The vineyard was originally established in 1986 and experienced many years of successful high-quality wine production, providing award-winning wines across the country.

In the mid 2000s the vineyard was converted to a campsite and continued to draw people to Horam.

However, in 2015 we took over the site and expanded the former vineyard site to cover all of the available land, removing the remains of the campsite and planting over 24,000 vines across 13 acres.


David has long been interested in wine and wine production and is our dedicated wine maker.

He has been known to get his hands dirty in the fields too though.


Chris has also been a long-term enthusiastic wine consumer and has moved from 20 years in the IT industry into becoming dedicated viticulturist.

He's also been known to help out in the winery on occasion.



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