My Single Step

We've been running Hidden Spring Vineyard for over two years now, but have never blogged about it. 

There's the old cliché that 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. So welcome to my single step. It's a little scary right now, but I hope you'll enjoy reading about what we're up to here at HSV (our shorthand for Hidden Spring Vineyard).

We re-opened The Tasting Room for the 2018 season last weekend (Saturday 17th January) with much excitement, but the winter chill, rains and wind kept things a little quiet. However, this weekend couldn't be more different, it's chilly, sunny and windy, but we've had a great weekend.

I'll wrap it up there for now, but come back soon as I've got a few ideas for posts on viticulture (growing grape vines), vinification (the magic of turning grapes into wine), the winery (where the magic happens) and all the other stuff that keeps us busy.