Harvest 2018

If you'd like to be on site during harvest, please complete the form below.

Grapes - August 2018

We're looking for people who can muck in for a days work. We can't promise it will be fun, but you will be one of the first ever people to see harvesting and the winery in action.

I Really Want To Pick The Grapes
We already have our professional pickers lined up and they're fast with their snips. We have a significant number of people who've asked to actually pick the grapes and we'd love to have you all here helping us, but that's not possible this year. 

The grape picking days are likely to be 5-10 different days, spread over a few weeks from late September to early October. They won't be consecutive and we won't be able to give much notice as to who will be needed and when. We can't guarantee what jobs you'll be asked to do on the day either.

We'll contact you just before picking days so you let us know if you're coming or not on those days. You're not expected to be here for all of them and we appreciate you have your own busy life so may well not be able to make it on the day, just let us know.

Harvest 2018 Helper Application

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