We need YOU

The Hidden Spring archive

Back to 1986...

Hidden Spring Vineyard was first planted in 1986 and there have been grapevines growing here ever since.  However, the vineyard has also been the home to a few other adventures, events (remember Vibes From The Vines in 2006?) and parties.

We've been the custodians of Hidden Spring for nearly three years now, and have scoured the internet and local knowledge to get as much background as we can, but so far the full extent of our archive is the few bottles, certificates and pictures that we have above. 

We need You

This is where you come in. Later this year we'll be hosting a rather special event and as part of that we'd like to be able to show more of the full history of Hidden Spring and of what came before.

Before 1986?

Do you remember Hidden Spring before 1986?

Newspaper cuttings

Articles about Hidden Spring, newspaper adverts

Do you have any old photos?

Photos of 'Vibes From The Vines' , photos of the campsite, photos of the orchard, photos of the vineyard from the 80s, 90s or 2000s

Do you have old bottles?

Old still or sparkling wines from Hidden Spring

Old posters, leaflets or flyers?

Invites to events, posters advertising events

Anything else?

Anything else we haven't thought of?



If you have anything from the above list, or anything else that you think could be interest, then please let me know.

Call me on 01435 813078 or 07778 066329, email me chris@hiddenspring.co.uk or use our Contact Us form.

Thank You!

If you can help us, we'll be offering contributors two tickets to an exclusive event later this year, more on that to come.


So get digging in your loft, your shed, the back of you garage or that cupboard under the stairs and then contact us.